Traditionally, a Blue Collar worker is defined as a laborer who works for an hourly wage and who focuses on manual, hand tasks. But in reality – cooks and chefs are just as adept at intellectual work. In fact, their job requires many of those essential skills that define the White-Collar worker as well. Cooks and chefs are problem solvers, planners, designers, researchers, and artists who need to spend considerable time studying the history of a cuisine. 

Cristian Mayares came to the US with a dream. The old but true story of the man with a passion who moved from Mexico to California with a vision of a better life for his wife and kids. The only tools Cristian had was his passion for cooking and his inner zest for hard work which was instilled in him from childhood. With barely any English skills, Mayares started as a prep cook.

Proud to finish a day’s work physically tired, sore from relentless manual work, drained from the heat of the kitchen, yet able to show heart and humor in every days challenges. Chef Mayares has a passion for introducing unique foods with a Spanish Flare.

In 2010, Chef Mayares helped open the first family owned location On The Rocks Bar & Grill Garden Grove. He also opened the second On The Rocks in Long Beach. Chef Cristian is now training our team with our new Newport Beach location.