Chef Jessie Lugo was born and raised in El Paso and Arlington, Texas in a family filled with restaurant folks. Her first job, at age 16, was as a dishwasher at her grandmother and uncle’s restaurant. Dish washing quickly led to greater responsibility in the kitchen when she began training as a prep cook. Chef Lugo met an influential mentor, Chef Dan Landsburg, then executive chef of Tillman’s Roadhouse in Dallas, Texas. With his support and encouragement, Jessie took a leap of faith and enrolled in culinary school in San Francisco. At age 20, Chef Lugo earned an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts & Management from Le Cordon Bleu, CA Culinary Academy in SF and began to immerse herself in the Northern CA food culture. Suzette Gresham, chef / owner of Michelin Starred Acquerello in SF made a significant impact on Chef Lugo’s burgeoning career. “From her, I learned how to push myself, and eventually others, to strive for perfection in my craft.” A staging opportunity at Alexander’s Steakhouse SF drew her to the potential of whimsy in the creation of technical, luxury- ingredient based food that she truly embraced. She discovered that fine dining could be fun, creative and, above all, delicious. Chef Lugo has been promoted to executive chef of Alexander’s Steakhouse Pasadena and is looking forward to wowing this SoCal town of sophisticated foodies with a voracious appetite for world-class dining and constant surprises.