Chef Lauren Lawless, is a true southern Californian born and raised woman. Personal Chef, caterer, TV personality, soon to be author, and mother Lauren Lawless is an inspirational, innovative and determined face in the industry. She has continued to impress everyone with her out-of-the-box cooking style. You’ll catch her cooking alongside with the best of them. There is a reason why they turn to her for her expertise. She has a beautiful palette for taste, unique style of cooking and a joy for great food like none other. Be sure to keep an eye out for her cookbook soon to be released this year. This self-taught chef made her mark by being an unique and ever-changing chef for the modern consumer. Her upbeat, spunky, and positive attitude brings life and a warm spirit to the typical stress filled kitchen setting. She is definitely one-of-a-kind and is always keeping it exciting in the kitchen. Lauren says “her goal in life is to inspire the world through her food one plate at a time.”