Nobu Matsuhisa is the creative force behind Nobu Restaurants, coupling time-honored classic Japanese dishes with inventive new flavors and cooking techniques. Chef Nobu’s cuisine pays homage to his formative years as a Tokyo sushi restaurant apprentice while celebrating his later travels in South America, where experimentation in local spices and cooking techniques created the foundation for his contemporary Japanese culinary style. Chef Nobu assesses both the quality and availability of fish and sushi chefs at each potential new restaurant location. His ability to source promising sushi chef candidates ensures a rich talent pool for the Nobu Restaurants network. As Nobu Restaurants has expanded around the globe, Chef Nobu has increased his focus on quality control, undertaking among the sushi chefs. Chef Nobu is also responsible for teaching his new fishes to head chefs across the Nobu network, passing along his cutting edge culinary innovations without sacrificing consistency.